Monday, March 09, 2009

Thank you!!

Painting a Dog a Day has been honored recently with several different awards, and I'd like to thank those who so kindly thought of me. It is always a treat to hear that my artwork and ramblings connect with others, and despite the length of time it takes me to respond to such awards, they are very much appreciated.

In keeping with the intent of the awards, I am to list things for which I am grateful, and in turn, forward the prizes onwards. Here goes.

My gratitude list:
1. The song of my children's laughter.
2. My husband's smile, which has the power to brighten the darkest of days.
3. The swell of a great crescendo - it can drown out everything, taking over my mind and directing my energy.
4. Sublime brushwork - it is humbling and oh-so perfect.
5. Walking the dog, as his delight in the world is highly contagious.
6. There is nothing like burying myself in a good read to escape the stress and demands of the real world.
7. Finally, a stolen afternoon with the company of a dear friend.

Arte Y Pico (rough translation: wow, the best art, over the top!!) Recipients:
WARNING - be prepared to be blown away!!
1. Art with a Bark, the blog of the Canine Art Guild,
2. Elin Pendleton's blog and mini-art lessons,
3. Karen Appleton's gift paintings,
4. Sheona Hamilton's Black on Grey on White,
5. Kathi Peter's Cob Cottage Studio,

Love Your Art Recipients:
1. Vianna Szabo,
2. Sharon Will,
6. The Equine Art Guild,
7. Aaron Lefferth,

I know that the above recipients will, in due time, forward their awards on, and further expand our realm of inspiring artwork. Thank you again to those who honored my work,